Martha's "Story of the Week" Blog posts are free . . . ENJOY!  But if you want the rest of the story, the fully animated, 3D versions full of Martha's charming wit and warmth, hire her for your next event. Martha will work with you to meet the needs of your event. Hire her for festivals, keynotes, workshops, community events, conferences etc.

PERFORMANCE: (20 - 50 minutes)

Faith (and Ted), Family, & Friends . . . Stuff that Matters.
A collection of humorous and heartwarming stories of family life featuring  the hilarious heartwarming tales:  “Skinny Dipping, Cops & Clergy”, “Crazy is Contagious”, “The Brat”  “Duct Tape Love”, “Motherhood: Love, Protection and Sleep Deprivation”, “Blonde, Beautiful and Bubbly”, “The Watch”  . . .    Martha’s stories will remind you that “family takes priority time”.
Get Out. Go Wild. Learn Stuff!
Martha’s adventures building a log cabin in Nova Scotia, traveling on foot in Kenya, flying a bus in Central America and stuck in a station wagon from MA to CA will leave you laughing and ready to plan your next adventure, or just plain glad you stayed home.
Martha’s stories will remind you to back away from the screen, get outside and live!

Martha believes that everyone has a story to tell. She’ll help you find your story before you even know you have one to tell. If you know you’ve got a story to tell, she’ll help you bring it alive and turn it into a GREAT story.

  • Everybody has a story: Find the stories you didn’t know you had. Amazing stories are lurking in the ordinary moments of everyday life. Martha can help you uncover your story experiences.
  • Just the basics: Learn and practice the first steps of telling a great story – Story structure, vocal variety, body language/facial expressions, pace and rhythm.
  • Boost your brain: Based on the latest brain research this is hands on, full bodied experiential learning for getting your brain in gear to boost creativity and add pizzazz to your stories.
  • Stories in the classroom: Help develop your students Emotional IQ through the use of story. Martha will share lessons for conflict resolution, problem solving, communication skills, personal responsibility and anger management.

Here’s what workshop participants have to say about Martha:

  • “Martha was energetic and fun. Time flew by. I learned about character, place and setting. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.” – Mary Smith
  • “Enjoyed the interactive activities, partner telling, drawing and writing stories . . . good activities.” - Jim, James Island, SC
  • “Love your stories!” – Yostie Ashley, Charleston
  • “I liked how you had a variety of tasks: the physical brain exercises, the mental exercises, and general information. Good job on the variety of things you had for us to do. You had a playful approach that encouraged creativity. You were positive, helpful, encouraging, and just plan nice!” – Karen Welcher