Here are a few of Martha's favorite things:

For Educators:

The Science of Story: read a blog post summarizing exactly how oral storytelling lights up our brains!

Karen Chase - Catch the Story Bug!   This blog features all things story. The blog has search possibilities and links to answer all your questions about folklore, ancient tales, storytelling venues and opportunities to listen to a great tale. You can spend hours searching this blog for information on telling and using stories in your classrooms and around your kitchen table.
For teachers: - excellent site for finding stories, favorite authors and collections; stories found alphabetically or by country of origin; read or listen to stories read out loud. This can be a great site for students to find a story they want to tell.

Richard Marsh, Bardic Storyteller: this blog entry provides a summary of recent research regarding the impact of storytelling in the classroom.

Donna Washington: a link to her blog posts on language, literacy and storytelling.

Mark Goldman   Mark blogs weekly on the use of storytelling in the classroom. Check out his "Elementary Wednesday" post each week.


Story Proof: The Science Behind the Startling Power of Story   - by Kendall Haven
Children Tell Stories: A Teaching Guide    -by Martha Hamilton & Mitch Weiss
Raising Voices: Creating Youth Storytelling Groups and Troupes    -by Judy Sima and Kevin Cordi
Peace Tales  -by Margaret Reed MacDonald
101 Games That Teach Storytelling Skills - by Anthony Burcher and Mike Burcher

For Everyone Interested in Story:

Storytelling and Arts Center of the Southeast  Located in Laurinburg, NC this is my monthly hotspot for connecting with my favorite tellers in our Story Spinners Guild. We meet the 3rd Monday of every month. Come join us. SACS also produces one of the best storytelling festivals in the country.

National Storytelling Network   Find a teller for any event, anywhere in the world. Read and listen to stories. Find a storytelling event or festival near you. Connect to resources to meet your needs.

South Carolina Storytelling Network  Looking for tellers in SC . . . here's your connection.You'll find me there . . . and alot more.

North Carolina Storytelling Guild  The NC guild offers great workshops twice a year to learn more about storytelling, and perfecting your craft. You can find a host of tellers and local events.

League for the Advancement of New England Storytellers  I may live in SC now, but I was born and raised in MA so I like to stay connected to the story happenings in my beloved New England.

K. Sean Buvala  Check out his FREE eCourse on storytelling.

Tree House Artists  Thanks to the incredibly talented team at Tree House, the production of my first CD - "Skinny Dipping and Other Life Lessons" was smooth sailing and I couldn't have been happier with the end product.

Elian Evans   Marketing a small business?  Totally confused by social media? Let Elian help you out ... She'll answer all your silly questions with grace, patience and enthusiasm.

Toastmasters International  I belong to two local Toastmasters groups. You can't find a better organization to improve your public speaking skills, boost your confidence and bring out the leader in you. Click on the link and find a group near you.