Sunday, August 25, 2013

Be Still

“Stop being busy being busy!”  The words of my friend, LaTasha Brand, ring out in my ears as I go about my busy life writing “to do” lists long enough to send the most motivated person back to bed. Multi-tasking is the way of go-getters, right? Perhaps not.

Currently I have three jobs. This is not unusual for me. As a junior in college I also had three jobs, in addition to being a full time student. I remember getting on my bike on a rainy day to ride off campus to work, but as I rode downtown I couldn’t remember what day it was or which job I was supposed be working that day. My first stop was the wrong job. The boss laughed at me then told me what day it was, and off I rode to the job of the day. Life hasn’t changed much in the last thirty years.

Today I woke early and sat on the porch with my coffee to write the “to do” list. As the list got longer, my spirit got increasingly more restless. It was a beautiful morning and the sun, the breeze, the trees and the creek all called my name. I had to answer. Ditching the list, I put my sneakers on and off I walked down the street toward the creek. With each step and each breath, my worries retreated, the list faded from my mind and my spirit was lifted.

As I arrived in the park and walked along the paths by the creek I felt the sun and breeze on my face and relaxed as I headed down the paths into the swamp. Quickly the mosquito’s found me as appealing as I found the swamp but no worries, I am no amateur in the woods. Bug spray is victorious and I spend hours just walking and sitting. I listen to the leaves whisper their secrets and watch the woods, creek and swamp come alive all around me. I am still. Life is good.  My mind quiets and God is all around me.

For today, I will stop being busy being busy. I will sit in the woods and breathe. I will remember what matters most to me: faith, family and friends.  With that in mind, my list is significantly shorter. So today, rather than a story I will share my moment in hopes that you can put aside your “to do list”, stop being busy being busy and get outside to breathe long enough to find out what matters most to you. See if it changes your “to do” list.
(c) Martha Reed Johnson 8.25.2013