Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crazy Dad

Dad, 40 years after Vegas
Traveling with my dad was always a little bit crazy. Or maybe a lot crazy. Having just arrived home at 10:00pm after traveling twelve hours solo in my car today, I have had a lot of time to recall some of the crazy trips I've been on in my life. Traveling with dad was always an adventure.

Dad was never really in a hurry to get anywhere. Travel was an experience, not just a destination. I recall one anecdote from our cross country travels that pretty much sums up my dad. Upon arriving in Las Vegas, after traveling from Massachusetts with four kids in the car, Dad pulled into a local bar and unloaded mom, me (age 8) and siblings (ages: 15, 13 and 6). It was 3:00 in the morning, we were exhausted and just wanted to get to the campground. Dad announced that we were in Las Vegas and we were going to gamble, no matter what time it was.

He gave each of us a quarter and marched us into the bar where the slot machines were lined up against the wall and commanded, "Gamble!"  We did. We lost our quarters and crawled back into the car and proceeded to our next experience.

Seems sort of silly, I know. But from that day on I have always been able to say, "Yes. I've gambled in Vegas."

Knowing the type of traveler I come from, it will probably not surprise you to learn that this weekend I traveled from Georgetown, Massachusetts to Florence, South Carolina without once getting on Interstate 95. If you check the map you'll understand this took some creative planning.

So tune in next week to hear the stories and lessons I collected along the way. For now, it is time to crash . . . school tomorrow.