Saturday, March 30, 2013

Home for Easter

Finally, after 2 days in my car traveling 1000 miles, drinking too much coffee and popping far too many M & M’s in my mouth, I have arrived home to spend Easter with my parents and siblings. I arrived home in time to sit down at the table for dinner; four hours later we are now just getting up to clear the dishes because we are Johnson's, and that's what we do. The food was gone hours ago but the conversations and laughter linger. It is obvious I come from a family of storytellers. My friends would be shocked to hear that I am a quiet listener at the table of my family.  As I sit around the table listening to the stories of those I love two things are clear: I will never run out of material. And to be a storyteller, you first have to be a story listener.

So my friends, this weekend I will listen to the stories that surround me. They are the voices, the sounds of laughter and tears that I have been blessed with my whole life. I will soak it all in and perhaps those voices will bubble up in future stories.

But for today I will offer up a picture and ”six word story” in honor of Easter:

"Please Mom! Not the matching dresses!"