Sunday, January 6, 2013

Doodling Does Pay!

The New Year has most of us looking forward and thinking about what we want in the New Year but this week I found myself thinking back to the lessons I’ve learned that have stuck with me through all my years.

Although I’ve had some great teachers in my life, I think many would be surprised by what I actually learned from them. My second grade teacher at Magnolia School, Mrs. West (first name “Wicked Witch of the”), tried to teach me that doodling doesn’t pay.  Mrs. West expected her students to sit up straight perfectly still  in their desks and follow her directions without discussion. I was good at none of those things. During her incredibly boring classes I would doodle all over the edges of my worksheets which she would then grab from me, crumple up and throw in the trash stating fiercely, “doodling doesn’t pay!”

She was wrong.

 Mr. Barardino, my tenth grade history teacher at Georgetown High loved to listen to himself talk and we were supposed to take copious notes during his lectures.  Although he was somewhat handsome and fairly entertaining, I survived the daily note taking torture by doodling in four color ink with my Bic Pen all over the edges of my notes. Page after page, day after day . . . notes, doodle . . . notes, doodle . . . notes, doodle – you get the picture. At the end of the year my notebook was two inches thick and full of red, black, green and blue doodles neatly scribbled around all four margins of every page. I must admit that while I can picture the doodles clearly in my mind, I remember nothing from tenth grade history.

The final day of that 10th grade year Mr. Berardino called me to his desk and demanded that I bring my notebook to him.  He then reached into his wallet and pulled out a twenty dollar bill and asked if he could buy my notebook. See, doodling does pay!

Thirty years later I can say that I really haven’t changed much.  I can’t sit still and I’m not very good at following directions and I now doodle out loud rather than around the edges of my notebook. My stories are simply the doodles of my mind put out there for your entertainment. Enjoy!   . . . (if you want to pay for more entertainment click and purchase a CD J)

And thanks Mr. Berardino, where ever you are, for teaching me that the doodles of my mind have value.

Tune in next week for, “Keep Your Pants On” - lessons from pre-school