Sunday, November 4, 2012

Confessions of a Sugar Junkie

We’ve begun the season loved and hated by sugar junkies all over the country. We move with ease from Halloween candy to Thanksgiving pies to Christmas Cookies to Valentine’s chocolate to Easter jelly beans and chocolate bunnies . . . and on and on it goes.

All the sugar flowing through by veins recently reminded me of my former addiction to Dairy Queen.

I was an exhausted mother of two young boys struggling to find my pre-pregnancy body somewhere beneath the extra padding of motherhood. My husband, Sam, was a long haul truck driver more often on the road than home. So one afternoon when he was home I jumped at the chance to leave him with the boys for an hour to go walk on the community track.

It really was my plan to walk, really it was. But as I drove into town my car just drove right past the track and pulled into the local Dairy Queen. I went inside and ordered a Brownie Sunday and sat down in a booth by myself. HEAVEN! No boys to referee or clean up after. For a few quiet moments it was just me and the SUGAR.  It was a beautiful thing.
I got back in my car thoroughly jacked up on sugar and drove right past the track without even thinking about a walk. I drove home and went into the house. When I arrived Sam asked me if I enjoyed my walk. In the brain fog of all that sugar I had to think for a minute about what he was talking about but quickly regained some sense and said my walk was great. He smiled at me and said, “That’s good. While you were walking at the track someone left your wallet at the Dairy Queen.”  BUSTED!!

I returned to the Dairy Queen, collected my wallet and immediately drove to the drive up window and got a cone to go. I drove past the track, again, and went on home not even thinking about a walk.

I think that perhaps this is the season to forgo my sugar addiction and be rid of the extra pregnancy pounds. I’ve moved far from the Dairy Queen. My boys are 19 and 22 now. It’s probably time.  But on the other hand there are those Dunkin' Donut pumpkin munchkins . . . I can pick them up at the drive through and my wallet will never leave the car!